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Code Brew

AppSec USA is hosting Code Brew, a home-brewed beer competition, on September 18th. We are looking for intrepid brewers interested in submitting their finest fermented creations in the name of Rocky Mountain pride, zymurgist’s honor, and some really cool prizes!

Nice! What are the conditions of the contest?

  • All entries must be created using homebrewing equipment. We will still accept commercially-brewed beverages in our beer garden, they just won’t be eligible to win any prizes.
  • All beer-like beverages are accepted! This includes meads, ciders, and even that barleywine you’ve been dreaming up. Please note, however, that unless there are enough similar submissions you may find your sour ale lumped into a miscellaneous judging flight made up of Happoshus and weird Zima clones.
  • Bring at least 12 bottles to be eligible for the official Best of Show and Sponsor’s Choice judging.
  • Bring at least 30 bottles to be eligible for the People’s Choice judging. The more you bring, the more people can vote for you.

To offset the cost of the beer, the bottles, and the shipping, we will knock $200 off your AppSec USA admission.

Can we bring kegs instead?

Sorry, bottles only. The logistics of kegs is more than we want to deal with. Maybe next time.

All right, I’m with you so far. What categories and judging criteria am I up against?

We’re planning on having four major awards categories at the event.

  • Best of Show: Judges will assess entries on traditional guidelines and criteria similar to those presented by the BJCP such as color, mouthfeel, flavor, and how well the named style is represented.
  • Sponsor’s Choice: Without the help of our sponsors, this event would never be possible. It’s only fair to let them taste the fruits of their investment and pick the competitor they feel is most worthy.
  • People’s Choice: The ultimate test of any beverage is how well it holds up to the standards of the general populace. So this one’s in the hands of the conference attendees, who will get a chance to vote for their favorite contender.
  • Best Event Tie-In: Did you brew up some AppleSec Hard Cider? A delicious Pull out all the stops in this dual celebration of technological creativity and fermentation innovation.

You said something about prizes?

We did indeed! We have a number of exciting prizes in the works such as high-end homebrewing equipment, gear to build a KegBot, conference cash, and other cool swag.

When do I need to commit? When is everything going down?

      • August 8th, 2014: Submission deadline
      • September 18th, 7:30pm: Conference training

What if I want to bring a beer, but am not interested in attending AppSec USA?

No worries, we’re happy to have you join us in our beer garden anyway! However if you do brew and also would like to attend the greater conference proceedings, we are offering discounted admission to those who make something for Code Brew.

What if I don’t brew?

That’s okay! You can still participate by sampling the different creations brought to the contest and voting for your favorite. However, if you’re interested in learning more about the brewing process, we’re also going to be hosting a Homebrewing 101 workshop for curious attendees.

How do we get the beer there? When should we give it to you?

Ideally, you’ll ship us your entry so that it arrives a week before the competition. That will give us enough time to organize the entries and allow the beer to settle before its big debut. If you would prefer to drop your beer off when arriving for the conference, you may do so, but PLEASE let us know ahead of time so that we may take this into account.

Need a primer on shipping? The Barlow Brewing blog offers this handy rundown of everything you might need to know about sending beer from Point A to Point B.

Stay tuned for the shipping address in August as we move closer to the event date.

Let’s do this! How do I sign up?

Great! We need your name, email, phone number, and a few other small details. Head to our brewer submission form and sign up today!

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